SmileFeeling grumpy? Woke up cranky? Generally annoyed?  Try this.


I know, you don’t feel like smiling. You’re probably thinking that it’s a stupid idea. How can plastering a fake grin on your face do anything besides annoy you even more?  I hear you, and you know what?

Do it anyway.

Your brain thinks that since your face is smiling, you must be feeling pretty good and it reacts accordingly.  Pretty soon you aren’t faking it anymore and you ARE feeling better. This is a case of fake it ‘til you make it and it really works.

A smile, fake or real, has all kinds of amazing benefits. Here are just a few (hopefully enough to get you smiling.)

  1. Smiling lowers stress and anxiety, and reduces pain. The act of smiling releases endorphins which make you feel good, plus they do all kinds of great things for your body.
  2. Smiling make you more attractive. In addition to being nicer to look at than a scowl, a smile suggests that you are personable, approachable and more empathetic.
  3. Smiling can make you feel more comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
  4. Smiling increases productivity. A few minutes spent engaged in an activity that makes you smile will enable you to return to your work with more energy, focus, and clarity. Always good for productivity.
  5. Smiling makes you appear more trustworthy and improves your credibility. Trusting isn’t easy for a lot of people, but smiling at someone may help.
  6. Smiling can make you more successful. It makes you look confident and self-assured. That can lead to more money (like tips, raises, or more clients.)
  7. Smiling improves longevity by making you feel happier. Happier people live an average of 7.5 years longer than unhappy people.
  8. Smiles are contagious. There is something about seeing a smile that triggers the area of the brain that controls facial muscles that leads to a smile. When you smile at someone you’re gifting them with all of the benefits listed above.

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