Kerry in the bubblesWho am I? That’s a good question. I’m a creative, intuitive, playful, happy middle-aged woman. I love to read, learn, and explore new things. I enjoy crafting, or more accurately, I enjoy learning new crafts and once I’ve mastered them to my satisfaction I’m ready for something new. I’m a pet owner, animal lover, cat box cleaner, plant tender, and hummingbird watcher. There are skills I would love to be good at but not enough to actually devote the time and effort to master them; hand lettering, watercolor painting, calligraphy, any musical instrument. When these skills are available by direct-to-the-brain download I’m in. I recently discovered a talent for public speaking (who knew?) and love addressing an audience. I always have a bottle of bubbles with me and will blow bubbles anywhere, any time, at the slightest provocation. That’s a long list and yet it’s far from comprehensive. If we focus only on jobs, titles and businesses, this graphic will give you a little taste of who I’ve been and where I am now.WordCloud-3You might think I’ve had a little trouble deciding what I want to be when I grow up. You’d be right, except for the growing up part – that’s not going to happen. The figuring out what I wanted to be was always the challenge. Until recently, when I realized that HOW I want to be is a much more important question.

What’s my story? To quote from a song lyric; it’s a “long and winding road”. Or maybe “what a long, strange trip it’s been” would be more appropriate. I remember being almost desperate to learn to read. I would bug my mother to tell me what the white squiggles on the top of my Hostess Cupcake said. Once I started reading I never stopped. If there was any way I could support myself and my household menagerie by sitting in my recliner reading I wouldn’t have had to run through the 41 jobs, positions and business that lay strewn along my path. But then I would have missed out on a lot of interesting adventures. My first paying job was in a printing plant when I was 15. We printed “dirty” books and distributed “obscene” magazines by mail order. You can pick up much more graphic publications in your local convenience store now, but back then this was edgy stuff. The work was fun and interesting. Stripping up page layouts, making printing plates (loved the smell of plate developer), collating books, operating mail room equipment. Lots of variety and new things to learn.  A few jobs in retail sales followed; wigs, hairpieces, women’s clothes. Not a viable career path for me, too routine, too boring and way too much time on my feet.


This is My Mission: I walk the playful path. Showing others how to find and reclaim the playful, joyful spirit we are all born with is my mission. I help overwhelmed adults beat stress and boost happiness without making it one more thing on the endless to-do list. With a background that includes over 25 years in corporate management, several years as a consultant, a few businesses of my own and more than a few miscellaneous jobs, chances are I’ve has been there or done that. One of the main lessons I learned from that wealth of experience is that playful people and playful organizations prosper and that  happiness is contagious. Please join me in creating an epidemic

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