The weather forecast for the Phoenix area is HEAT! Record breaking heat, for the next several days. I mean 120! degrees heat.

What am I going to do when it’s this hot out? Mostly stay home. All destinations outside of home will be selected based on specific criteria: how good is the A/C, how close to the door can I park, do I really need to go, and can I go before 6am?  The days are at their coolest around then.

Venturing out later in the day will be fraught with challenges. Any parking space with even a scrap of shade will be snapped up first and fast. I learned last summer to park with the back of the car toward the sun, always use my windshield sun shade, and keep oven mitts in the glove box to handle the steering wheel.  Door handles are to be approached with extreme caution.

I got most of my shopping done this morning and will do my very best not to leave the house for the next week except under extraordinary circumstances, like I’ve run out of wine. Fortunately, the closest grocery store opens at 5am so I won’t have to do without for long.

If this goes to plan, my poor sun struck petunias will get watered and the shallow dish of water I just put out for the birds and bees will get a refill before the sun comes up. Hopefully I won’t have to step outside again for another 24 hours.

As long as my wi-fi stays up, and my Kindle holds out there will be plenty to keep me entertained. And The America’s Cup races start tomorrow.  Let the heat come, I’m ready.