Last week I met up with a friend for my first experience of a walking pool. She needs an accountability partner so she’ll actually show up 3 times a week, and I get free access. Walking pool…what a cool thing…it’s a serpentine path through water from 3-feet to 4.5-feet deep with a current running against the flow of traffic. Thirteen times around the full circuit is a mile. It’s sort of like walking a labyrinth without all the silence and meditation stuff.  We walked and talked for almost an hour.

It seemed easy and effortless….until I stepped out of the water! That’s when I realized this is real exercise. My thighs protested the return of full gravity and my right knee…ooh!

About 6 or 7 years ago my 85# Italian Mastiff demonstrated why clipping is a foul in football. She took me down, twice. As a result I have an unhappy knee. I don’t know what’s wrong with it because I generally resist putting myself in the hands of the medical community

Eventually the swelling went down and the range of motion mostly returned. But it lets me know that not all is well when I walk any distance.  This had been the perfect excuse for me to indulge my love of lazy. Unless I was shopping, walking the dog, or making my way through an airport I avoided exercise.

But I love the water and between the swimming I’ve been doing at the pool where I live and now 3 days a week in the walking pool I’m actually doing the “E” thing (exercise.)

This week I see the results of the x-rays (yes, I finally gave in and went to see someone.) If I want to be able to keep dancing, going on adventures, or even just hopping on and off bar stools I need to start taking care of this body and making necessary repairs.

I know we don’t have to be 100% fit and able bodied to be Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broads but we do need to do the best with what we’ve got.


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