Last week I shared how excited I was to find sapphire blue mascara.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy LOL!

This weekend I decided I had to give in and buy a selfie-stick. I’m recording a video a day for the next few weeks. Holding up my phone and operating the controls is more of a challenge to my coordination than I expected. Hence, the need for a selfie-stick.

What does this have to do with mascara you might ask, and rightly so. The connection comes from proximity. As I pull in to begin the search for a parking place within hiking distance of Best Buy (where I expect to find a selfie-stick) there it is, right next door…Ulta.

My thoughts turn from video tools to mascara. Other colors of mascara. I have blue, and now I want more. Sure enough I find green, pink, lavender, and the one I want…purple. As I make my way toward the cashier I pass the false eyelash display.eyelash

Uh oh! If I’m going to play with mascara I might as well play with eyelashes to put it on. So many choices, so few that I think might work for me. Finally, I pick a package of fairly short, kind of wispy eyelashes. Who knows if I will even be able to put them on but nothing ventured, nothing ventured.

As soon as I get home I lock myself in the bathroom to play with my new toys. I have no idea how this is going to go. It’s been 40+ years since I’ve tried to put on false eyelashes. In those days, I didn’t need glasses to see myself (and I refuse to use a magnifying mirror – much too scary.)

Surprisingly, things go smoothly. It only took two tries for the first eye and the second went on like I was a pro. I expected to end up with one stuck in my hair and the other flapping over my eye like a tiny flag.  But no. They went on easy and stayed on.

eyelashAnd the results?  I like it! The droopy eyelids don’t seem quite so droopy. Whether that’s an optical illusion or simply self-delusion I’ll take it.

Now all I need is something to get dressed up for.