I’m at an age, and have the genetics – thank you Mom, where my eyelids droop considerably. I gave up using eye shadow long ago. It doesn’t show, so why bother. Eyeliner pencil does most of the work for making my eyes show up at all. As for mascara…too much trouble.

My history with mascara has been mixed. In my delightfully misbegotten youth it was false eyelashes and colored mascara, always. It was available in purple, blue, and green. Black or brown were just too boring for me. Anyone surprised?

Eventually I got too busy (or was it lazy) to fuss with the falsies. I also lost patience with mascara. The clumps waving in my field of vision, raccoon eyes in the morning (I confess, I don’t wash my face before bed), and trying not to blink for what seemed like forever while it dried to avoid getting all smudgy.

And colored mascara went out of fashion. This could be the real reason LOL. So mascara ceased to be a part of my cosmetic tool kit.

Several articles recently have insisted that “women of a certain age”, and I’m certainly of the age, should use a volumizing mascara. Yeah, yeah…maybe other women, but why should I bother?

eyesThen on TV one night I saw an ad for Loreal Voluminous Original volumizing mascara available in sapphire blue…blue! Now that’s more like it. Thinking I might want to up my “glamour game” I decided to give it a try.

Even though what few eyelashes I still have serve only to hold my droopy eyelids up far enough for me to see under them, I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s been years decades so mascara technology should have advanced enough to address some of the problems I had with it waaay back then, right?

I have to tell you; this stuff is great. No smudging, no raccoon eyes, no clumps. And it’s blue. I wish I could tell you how great they look but my volumized, sapphire blue lashes don’t reach past the droopy eyelids. It doesn’t matter though,  I get a little boost of bodacious energy knowing they’re there.

Who knows, I might even try false eyelashes again.