You are perfect as you are. Let me repeat that…YOU are PERFECT just as you are.

I can hear you right now telling me I’m full of shit.

“I’m not perfect…I’m fat, I’m scrawny, I’m out of shape, I’m sick, I’m old, I’m tired, my thighs rub together, my upper arms flap like a flag in a strong wind, my stomach sticks out, my ass sags, my eyelids droop, I have wrinkles,  my hair is falling out,  my memory is shot.”  I’m sure you can add to this list. So can I.

My response is still, you are perfect just as you are. All that other stuff doesn’t make one bit of difference. The only thing that might possibly be wrong with you is that you think that something is wrong with you.

Learning to recognize, and accept your perfection is one of the things I teach in my Living PlayFULLY: The Road to Bodacious program. In stage 2 we challenge that little voice that nags at you over every perceived error, flaw, or imperfection.  We fire the nag!

All of those “flaws” that you so proudly claim are simply (well, maybe not so simply) the markers of the life you’ve lived up to this moment.  You’ve survived. Congratulations.

As my amazing business coach, Ann Evanston, tells her clients “Be a 10. Then raise the bar and be a 10 again.”

You’re already a 10. You’re the very best in the world at being who you are right now. Want something different? Okay.  It’s only too late if you never start. So start! Raise the bar. You don’t have to raise it far.  World records are broken by fractions of a second.


If you are ready to fire the nag, to embrace yourself just as you are, to live the vibrant, colorful, bold life you always envied then  Living PlayFULLY: The Road to Bodacious could be just the program you’re looking for.  Contact me for more details.

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