Adventures … life can be full of them.  Yet it’s so easy to deny ourselves the opportunity to participate.

You want to go to the party but you know you’ll get tired and have to leave early, so you stay home. You’d like to try playing an instrument but you’ve been told you’re tone deaf, so you don’t buy that guitar at the yard sale. You want to learn the tango but you’re legs are weak so you sit home watching Scent of a Woman and Shall We dance on DVD.

Any of this sound familiar? Do you have some dream or yearning that you repress because of some perceived “short coming” or “disability”? Why? Is it because you think you have to be perfect at it, to master it, to become competent?

Wow! That’s a lot of pressure.

What would happen if you just went to the party and enjoyed it until you couldn’t anymore? Even if it was just for an hour?

Who says you have to be good at making music as long as you’re enjoying it?

Why can’t you find a tango instructor who will understand your passion for the dance and will pace the lessons to your capabilities.

What pleasures are you denying yourself because you believe you have to be able to do them perfectly, with mastery, or to someone else’s arbitrary level of competence?

Anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed. So party as hard as you want, then leave before the cake is cut. Play the guitar and make the dog howl. Tango at minuet speed.

Don’t miss out on life’s adventures.

Jumping on opportunities, living each moment, each year, each experience fully, presently, bodaciously takes courage yet it can be so easy. But we have to remember to do it.  It takes awareness, and practice, and sometimes someone to give us permission.

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