smell the rosesWe live in a rich, vibrant, colorful, flavorful world and yet most of us walk through it without noticing. We’re busy with our thoughts or our smart phones. Locked inside and mostly oblivious to what’s happening just beyond the tip of our noses.

Last week I invited you to look for opportunities to be playful. This week I want you to pay attention to your senses. Actually we’ll start with just one of your senses (we’ll get to the others eventually.)

Let’s start with your nose. There is so much to smell in the world around you. Wherever you are right now you are surrounded by odors. Subtle, strong, some good, some not so good (the cat box is in a closet in my office so sometimes I get a whopping dose of not-so-good.)

As you go about your day let your nose lead your adventures. Not sure how to do that? Here are a few suggestions for you to try:

  • Stop and smell the roses. Yes,it’s trite but it’s true too. Smell the roses, all the roses, and every other flower you see as you go about your day. The flowers along the path you take as you walk the dog. The flowers on the reception counter at the restaurant where you have lunch. The flowers growing in your neighbor’s yard. Heck, how long has it been since you smelled the flowers growing in your own yard? Don’t have any flowers in your yard? Buy yourself a bouquet, put it on your desk and … you guessed it … smell them.
  • Stop into a bakery, or just stand outside and inhale. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. There is a short stretch of Highway 880 in Oakland that is often cloaked in the heavenly scent of baking bread and driving through it always gives me a little lift and a big smile.
  • Hit the perfume aisle in a department store and sniff the testers. Don’t just stick with scents for your gender, mix it up. Find one you like and spray (or dab) some on a tester strip and tuck it into your pocket to enjoy throughout the day.

Actively look for ways to indulge your sense of smell.  Connect with what’s already around you. There are delightful treats to be found in your day to day routines when you look for them. I would love it if you’ll share some of the ones you’ve discovered in the comments.

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