The worlfeel so cozyd is at your fingertips. Literally. Your sense of touch is a powerful and very sensuous connection to your surroundings. Take a moment right now and pay attention to what you feel (not the emotional stuff, that’s for a different blog post.)

How do your clothes feel against your skin? Is your bra band digging into your ribs and your waistband too tight (or is it just me?) How about your shoes? Are your feet happy? While we’re on clothes, run your hands over the fabrics and pay attention to the textures. The soft, nubby chenille sweater I’m wearing feels distinctly different from my jeans (and now I have to keep myself from fiddling with the little spot of crusty stuff that I discovered on my thigh.)

How about the chair you’re sitting on? Soft, hard, too high, too low, just right? What surfaces are within reach? Your seat, the furniture nearby, even the walls and floors. Each surface has a different feel. Soft or hard, smooth or rough, warm or cool, slick or sticky and everything in between.

There is a vast world to be explored tactilely and not just with your hands. Use every inch of your body. One on my favorite sensual indulgences is folding laundry on a cold day, especially my fleece sheets. The laundry room always has an open window so it can be pretty chilly in there. I love pulling the fabric from the dryer and wrapping the hot, soft sheets around my body. Thinking about it almost makes me want to go strip the bed and do a wash load.

Look for sensuous textures in the mundane. The droplets on your iced tea glass. The silky feel of a cat’s fur. The rough texture of a tree’s bark. Walk through a fabric store and handle all the different fabrics; silk, fleece, wool, knits, and weaves. When you’re out smelling the roses, take a moment and stroke the petals, leaves, and stems (watch out for the thorns.) Walk barefoot and notice the differences between asphalt, concrete, grass and sand.

Don’t ignore the delights to be found in what we eat and drink. Pick a meal and make it a point to notice and appreciate the amazing textures, the subtle changes in temperatures as you eat.

As I teach in step 3 of my Playing to Prosper program, you can add an element of play to tasks you don’t usually enjoy. One way is to indulge your sense of touch. Hate doing dishes? Pay attention to the warmth of the water and the slick soapy surfaces. Avoid the vacuuming? Tune into the steady deep vibration of the machine in your hand. Actively look for ways to connect with what’s already around you. There are delightful treats to be felt in your day to day routines (like my laundry) when you reach for them

Do you have a secret sensual tactile pleasure, like wrapping up in hot fleece sheets in a cold laundry room? I would love to learn about it if you’re willing to share in the comments. You could inspire someone else to find a happier way to approach a dreaded chore.