Ysilly walkou’re an adult, all grownup, and responsible. So sticking your arms out and pretending you’re flying down the aisles in the supermarket, blowing bubbles in the elevator, or squealing with glee when you see a puppy might be seen as kind of… silly.  (By the way, I do all of these things, often.)

What’s wrong with acting silly? Not a damned thing! In fact, silly is good for you. It often results in laughter and laughter really is great medicine.

If you’re like most adults, all grown up and responsible, you’ve probably forgotten how to be silly so here are a few ideas to get you started:

When it’s raining, go out wearing an umbrella hat and colorful rain boots. Stomp puddles. Challenge a stranger to a paper boat race in the gutter.

Sing to the canned music while you shop.  Go ahead and dance to it too. See who you can recruit to join you.

Do a Monty Python Silly Walk when crossing the street.

I mentioned pretending you’re an airplane and flying around (add engine sound effects for extra credit.) I love doing this in the wide aisles of the grocery store or just for the hell of it, banking around random corners.

Blow bubbles anywhere, everywhere. Elevators are a particular favorite of mine. When I’m alone in an elevator I like to wait until just before the doors open, then fill the space with bubbles which then whoosh out to the surprise and delight of those waiting outside.  Only one thing to watch out for is that some people get all stressed out if there’s any chance of bubbles landing in their food or drink, just sayin’.

Make funny faces at babies and little kids. I’d say make funny faces at adults but that’s likely to get you punched or locked up, so pass on that unless you know your audience really well.

When you stop worrying about what other people think, you find a whole world of fun and laughter open up right in front of you. (And people around you are probably thinking “That looks like fun” or “I wish I was brave enough to be like that”.)


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