Desk toy

Some of my desk toys

I admit it. I spend way too much time at my desk.  And, just like the electrician who eats in the dark, and the shoemaker’s children who go barefoot, the happiness coach (that’s me) forgets to get up and go outside to take a break.

That doesn’t mean I don’t play though. When I need a little mental time-out I reach for one of the toys I keep on my desk. Yes, there are several. A plastic blood-shot eyeball , a Slinky, bubbles (of course), toy animals …

This little mouse is my newest. Not only does it make me smile, it’s very handy for convincing one of my cats to get off my keyboard.

Having a little something to distract, or to fidget with, is good for you. Reaching for a toy, stress ball, or goofy pen will give you a mental boost. Plus being able to squish something really hard, or fling it at the wall is a fun way to overcome stress or boredom.

Even if you don’t have toys, there are definite benefits to playing with the everyday objects on your desk.  Something as easy as clicking a retractable pen rapidly and repeatedly can stimulate your mind just enough to get you through the boring parts of a task or long call. (I recommend only doing this if you work alone. It’s ultimately unproductive if you drive your office mates to thoughts or acts of mayhem.)

I do recommend taking breaks and actually going outside to breathe the fresh air, smell the roses, and feel the sun (or fog, or rain, or snow) on your face. When you don’t manage to do that, pick up something and play with it. You’ll be glad you did.

I’d love to know what toys you have on your desk. I invite you to share in the comments.