Bye-bye flamingos. I'll miss you.

Bye-bye flamingos. I’ll miss you.

I retired in February of 2013. That consisted of closing down my sign business and selling off my Flamingo Surprise inventory to someone who would carry on the good works. We moved out of the warehouse and apartment to much smaller and less expensive accommodations. A lifetime of “stuff” was jettisoned so we could fit into our new life.

After the move was finally completed I spent my time in retirement pursuits. I read books, many books. I discovered the joys of gardening in a planter box sort of way. I enjoyed sitting in the sun on the patio surrounded by flowers, reading books, sipping fresh lemonade and watching the hummingbird defend his feeder.

That lasted about 6 months before I got restless.  To supplement the budget (it’s possible to live on 2 Social Security checks but it’s not comfortable) and to give myself something easy and part-time to do I got a job in the local library. The work is physical; lots of walking, bending, reaching, carrying, and getting down on the floor and back up again. I joke that I get paid to work out. Mentally it’s not much of a challenge.

It lasted about 6 months before I got restless (anyone sensing a pattern here?) My last day at the library is Saturday August 30th.

Now that I’ve tasted retirement, and living on a tight retirement budget, I’m ready to start over. To start a new chapter in my life. Start over with a new business, a new mission, and a new passion. To exercise my mind, learn new skills and explore hidden talents.  I’m excited and wake up eager to start each day knowing there are challenges ahead, puzzles to be solved and new ideas to play with.

It’s only too late if you never start! So here is to the next chapter in my life, and to all those that will come after.