Anyone who knows me at all is aware that I love to read, I love to learn, and I move on to the next fun thing quickly. That’s why I was delighted to discover this book at the library.

Book: The First 20 HursThe whole concept of needing 10,000 hours to master something made my head hurt. I don’t have that much of an attention span. This could be the reason I never mastered the accordion.  Then again, my abandonment of that wonderful instrument may have had more to do with the fact that I was 7 years old and had to walk to my lessons hauling a case that was almost my size and outweighed me by at least 100 pounds.

The author, Josh Kaufman, shows how he used the principles in the book to acquire 6 new skills in 20 hours or less each. One of those skills is a musical instrument  Anyone know where I can borrow an accordion?