Me, this old broad has decided summer is the perfect time to move. Actually it was the house we found that made the decision. It’s is just too perfect to pass up.

I am ridiculously excited. A normal person wouldn’t expect that to be the case, particularly since the last move was just 4 months ago. But I’m not a normal person, I’m a bodacious bad-ass old broad. And bodacious bad-ass old broads jump on a chance when it presents itself, even when the timing isn’t perfect.

My plan (yes I make them, even if I don’t usually follow them) was to save up cash to make the move in the middle of September. Instead the house, the nearly perfect house, showed up on the first of August.  So much for the plan (see what I mean?)

So…I’m moving…in the middle of the Monsoon … it’s 113°F and 50% humidity…I’ve officially lost my mind.

What am I so excited about? Not the schlepping of boxes and bags, obviously.  I’m excited about having hummingbird feeders and plants again. When I left California I left behind a patio full of plants and flowers and several  pugnacious and territorial hummingbirds.

The apartment we moved into in Arizona did not encourage those kinds of indulgences. The patio was so dark I’m surprised it wasn’t populated by bats. Actually I would have loved it if it were populated by bats. I like bats (not cleaning up after them though.)

I’m excited to have a separate room just for my arts and crafts.  I can make huge messes and if company is coming all I have to do is shut the door.

I’m excited with all of the light in this house. No more having to turn on the lights to make lunch or find my way to the bathroom.

I envision cool early mornings, sitting on the patio with my coffee as the day starts, watching and listening to the birds start their day’s work.  Evenings with a cocktail and a sunset as they settle down for the night.

We may only be in this home for a year but I’m going to live there as if it will be forever. Because, to paraphrase Mr. Magorium, a year well lived is a lifetime.  That’s bodacious!

Jumping on opportunities, living each moment, each year, each experience fully, presently, bodaciously take courage yet it can be so easy. But we have to remember to do it.  It takes awareness, and practice, and sometimes someone to give us permission.

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