There are six stages in my program for becoming a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad. The first one is all about courage. So why do you need courage to be a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad?

One reason is you will become visible. I can hear you saying “But I’m visible. People see me all the time.”

Probably not! It doesn’t matter if you’re a speaker, author, entrepreneur, corporate executive, president of the PTA, grocery checker, Walmart greeter, pottery teacher, or the coolest Grandma on the block chances are that you’re seen as your role.  Teacher, speaker, mother, grandmother, helper, whatever. You most likely are not visible as you

It takes a certain amount of courage to drop the roles and just be yourself.  It’s change, and change takes courage. Your friends, family, colleagues don’t want you change.  That will disturb their world. You won’t be playing your role, staying in character. Even scarier, if you change they might have to change as well.

There’s a whole lot of that “supposed to” stuff about older people.  All the social programing about how you’re supposed to be, supposed to act. (Dare I say it? Supposed to think.)  That’s just another role. One you don’t have to play.

Damn it, You’re all grown up now. In fact you’re “old”, just ask anyone. Why the hell should you listen to all the crap anymore. It’s your life and it’s about time you grabbed onto it and start making it all your own.

But, when you do people will notice. You’re not acting like you’re expected to act. You’re not behaving like a sweet little old lady. You’re not acting your age, whatever THAT’s supposed to mean. You’re not playing your role.

You are visible in a whole new way. Not as your role, but as yourself. Your feisty, sassy, playful, curious, active, excited, adventurous, even outrageous self.

When you decide to grab life and live it playfully, to become a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad, instead of that sweet little old lady, you become visible. You stand out. People look.

And when you become visible, people will judge you. I’ll talk about being judged, and why it totally doesn’t matter in my next blog

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