Kerry Hargraves is a speaker, workshop leader and adventurous playful spirit. She is passionate about helping women in the second half of life to overthrow the stereotypes of aging. By helping them discover, embrace, and unleash their bold, brave, vibrant Bodacious Old Broad the world becomes a happier place. How cool is that?

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Speaker •  Workshop Leader •  Bodacious Old  Broad

A few of her current programs

 It’s Only Too Late if You Never Start Who are you beyond your roles (mother, care pro- vider, business person, etc?) Lets look beyond the roles into who YOU are and what life can be like when you start living from that place.

Life 3.0: Rocking the Second Half We’re all going to get old (with any luck at all.) The kind of old person you’re going to be is up to you. Will you become a Sweet Little Old Lady, a Miserable Old Battle Ax, or a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad? You’ll get a easy tool to show you which direction you’re heading.

Living PlayFULLY – The Road to Bodacious There are six stages to becoming the colorful, vibrant, adventurous woman you’ve always known you could be. We’ll look at what it takes to truly claim unabashed ownership of your Bodacious life, starting right now!

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Rockstar Speaking 11-2016

Bad-Assery Business Summit 3-2016

Leadership Stars with Linda Patten

Voice of America with Rebecca Hall Gruyter 11-2014