This is an exercise I do with my clients. Feel free to follow along on your own. Grab a sheet (or a scrap) of paper and draw a horizontal line (about 5-6 inches is plenty long enough.)

The left end is when you were born. On the right end write the number representing the age you think (hope) you’ll live to be.

Since I usually say that middle age is 5 years older than I am right now, my number would be 140. If you prefer to be a bit more How I'm going to berealistic, current life expectancy for a woman is between 85 and 90. Men, you have to subtract a couple of years – sorry.

Now mark approximately where you are now on this time line, your current age.

Using me as an example, I am either just shy of half way with 75(!) years to go or I am a little past the 2/3 point with about 25 years to go. Either way, I have a lot of years ahead of me. (Oh, the things I can do in 25 years!!) I’m betting that there are a lot of years ahead of you too.

My question now is – HOW do you want to be during those years?  Maybe an easier question to answer is – what kind of little old lady (or man) do you want to be?

Some of typical answers from my clients are: active, feisty, independent, colorful, happy, healthy, bold, sassy, spirited, and adventurous.

Your turn, go ahead and write down as many adjectives as you can think of that describe how YOU want to be as you grow older.

Now, look at that list and ask yourself, “How many of those adjectives describe me right now?”  If it isn’t all of them, why not?  Why should the older you have all the fun? And just when are you planning on stepping in to how you want to be?

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