Love of learning, it’s my number one strength. So if that’s the case how come I absolutely hate to be seen doing it?

This came up during a training call with my business coach, the amazing Ann Evanston. The session was about getting visible and she was kicking our asses about why we were avoiding it. “Your job is to market! 20% of your time should spent be being visible, doing calls to action, asking for what you want, marketing your shit. Why aren’t you doing it?”

I realized I have a weak-assed excuse. I’m not sure how to go about getting visible and I’m not confident anyone will appreciate how awesome my stuff is.  Of course the only way to learn how to get visible is to…. you guessed it…get visible. The only way to know that my stuff is appreciated is to give people a chance to appreciate it.

So what’s my problem? I have to laugh at myself, because this shows up not only in marketing my program Living Play-FULLY: The Road to Bodacious, it rears its head in mundane activities too. Like when my husband and I are fixing something and I have to handle an unfamiliar tool. I get all defensive about my inability to be competent.

Well duh! If I’ve never handled a hammer drill before I’m probably not going to be very good at it. Why should I be defensive?

This is a whole lot of freight from a moderately screwed up childhood.  It’s astonishing how one sociopathic stepfather with ridiculous standards of perfection can still be stalking my life almost 60 years later.  I’ve exorcised him before but he still has his claws in parts of my psyche. Time to do another exorcism.

Because I’m more scared of my coach than I am of the long-gone stepfather, LOL, and that 20% of my time marketing isn’t going to happen without me.

Ironically, one of the big things I teach in my program is it’s the experience, not the mastery of a skill that counts. Guess I better take some of my own instruction.

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