ROAD01Stella lies. Well, not really lies, but she’s not always direct.  Stella is my GPS. I think she gets bored with the same old freeways, so sometimes she decides to mix it up a little and take me for a ride.

Recently I was in Pleasant Hill, a city I’m not very familiar with. I came from another event in a different direction so when it came time to head for home I knew Stella would have to do the navigating because I really didn’t know my way out of town.

“Head south and turn right on Pleasant Hill Blvd” got me out of the parking lot, headed for the nearest northbound freeway, or so I thought.

I drove through a few short business districts and a handful of suburban neighborhoods.  No signs for the freeway, no signs we were heading for a freeway. In fact after a few more turns, no signs at all, just rolling hills. I had no idea where I was but I was heading in the right general direction and wasn’t in any particular hurry.

It was a glorious afternoon; clear, warm, and still; a perfect day for a leisurely drive. I rolled down all the windows, turned off the radio and settled in to enjoy the experience.  The air was fresh and clean, scents of fennel and the occasional horse drifted through. My only company (other than Stella of course) a few hawks perched on poles watching for an unwary meal, turkey vultures riding and rocking on the thermals, and distant clusters of cattle. The road treated me to long, easy, sweeping turns winding over and around green and golden hills with beautiful and occasionally breathtaking views on every side. I was lost and it was heavenly.

Topping one more rise, I was startled to see the Carquinez bridge appear directly in front of me. Two quick turns and I was right back in the thick of traffic and civilization.  My beautiful detour was at an end but I was renewed.

Just letting go and allowing the unexpected unfold is one of the things I teach my clients in step 3 of my program Playing to Prosper. Being open to playful opportunities as they are presented and obeying the whim can lead to all kinds of new adventures and beautiful paths through your day.

When was the last time you just relaxed and let something unexpected lead you into new country? Go ahead and tell me about it in the comments.