Do you have a personal nag? You know, that little voice, or maybe not so little, that keeps pointing out your faults and imperfections.  I certainly do. She likes to sneak out as I’m falling asleep to remind of things I didn’t get done, what I said wrong, how I failed to stick to my diet, etc. In the morning she loves to kibitz about the bags under my eyes and my saggy neck. During the day she critiques my housekeeping, my disdain for filing, the state of my pedicure.  You name it, she has something to say about it.

Mostly I ignore her, but that background chatter still has an effect.

Frankly I’m sick of her and all of her oh-so-not helpful input. So I’m firing her ass!

I’ve fired her before but she’s a sneaky bitch and somehow she keeps getting herself re-hired.

How about you? Think about this.  What would happen if you talked to your friends and family the same way your nag talks to you? Really, think about it.

I’m willing to bet that there would be an insurrection in the ranks. The criticism, the nagging, the relentless negative talk, the harsh judgments? No one is going to hang around for all that. At least not if there’s a choice.

It’s time to knock that shit off!

It’s time to fire the nag. She’s a drag. And she isn’t doing you or me any good.

Let’s face it, if we were going to change whatever it is the nag is ragging on us about, we would have done it already. So we have 2 choices; stop beating ourselves up, or make the decision to take action (and stop beating ourselves up.)

It would be great if just reading this would flip a switch and Ta-Da, no more nag. Damn! It doesn’t work like that. We actually have to work on it (who invented this system anyway?)

Awareness is the first step. Watching out for that miserable old bitch’s voice sneaking in. Then fighting back!

I teach tools to fight back in Stage two of my 6 stage Living PlayFULLY program. Here are just a couple that I use. Give them a try for yourself.

When the nag is ragging on about my body, I stand naked in front of the mirror and remind myself about all great stuff my body, in all of its dimpled, saggy, lumpy glory does for me. My heart pumps blood around through all of the miles and miles of veins and arteries without me having to pay attention. My muscles get me around and let me eat lunch with my friends. My skin keeps my insides from spilling out all over the kitchen floor. My hands open wine bottles and pet cats.

Find the things that you like, the miracles of how the whole thing works. Do it every day until you believe it. Fire the nag!

When she’s judging me for my indifferent housekeeping I remind her that it’s my place and I’ll deal with the mess when I damn well get around to it.  My mother doesn’t live there, I do. Fire the nag!

Every time you catch the voice telling you that you SHOULD be doing, being, thinking, feeling something, challenge it. If you’re being reminded of something you want or need to do, take action.

Stand up for yourself and tell her to take a hike! Fire her ass!

She may never completely move out, but she won’t be as intrusive.


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