Just by going about your day to day business you change the world.

When I was younger I thought that I had to be doing something huge, monumental, earth shaking in order to make a difference in the world. How about you? While it’s true that huge monumental earthshaking actions can make a difference they are not necessary. They aren’t even necessarily the most effective.

It took a long time to realize that it’s how I am, how I show up, the way I move through my days, how I treat people, the example I set that also changes the world.

Once I came to truly believe that, I recognized the programs I teach do more than just make you happier, they also change the world. How cool is that!  By helping women discover and embrace their bold, fun, brave, vibrant Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad and unleash her on the world, the world becomes a brighter, happier place. I’m all for that!

Surely you’ve heard of the butterfly effect? (No? Check it out!) Essentially it means that a small action can, over time and space, create a significant effect.

That’s what happens as you move through your day. You cause reactions that effect how other people feel and act. You have no idea how those reactions are going to ripple through time and space.

Example: someone cuts you off in traffic. You get angry. When you stop for coffee you’re rude to the barista because you’re still pissed about the jerk who cut you off. The barista gets pissed because you were a jerk and then is rude to the next several customers. Then she spends her 10 minute break complaining to her co-workers about how much she hates serving the rude, ungrateful public.

Because you carried the careless act of one person from the freeway to the coffee shop there are now countless other people who’ve been effected, and not for the better.

See how it works? Well it also works with positive energy. Granted, it takes 3 or 4 “atta boys” to neutralize one “oh shit.” That’s why we need to step up our game here.

The world needs more positive energy, happy exchanges, great role models, and models of how to be a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad.

Now I’m not saying that you should never get pissed. I am saying that you need to be conscious of the appropriate time and place. Don’t let it spill over into other situations. Swear at the guy who cut you off then wish him a better day and appropriate karma. A friend of mine was crossing a street too slowly for an impatient driver one morning. He leaned on the horn and made a few pointed gestures. Her response is one we could all use. She turned, looked at him, said “Have a nice day, you miserable old bastard!” and walked on smiling. Perfect!

When you start living the courageous, visible life of a Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broad, some people will notice. Some will judge you.  Fewer than you might expect. Of those who do some will be inspired by your example. Some will want what you have, to be like you are. Some will be caused to smile, even laugh. Others may shake their heads in puzzlement or bewilderment. Great – you’re making them look, making them think.

Those smiles, those laughs, that inspiration, the bewilderment  in that moment can change the course of a strangers day. Change it from sad, serious, pissed off to amused, delighted or maybe just bemused.

There is no way to know how far those changes will ripple though the world. But they will, and somewhere, sometime, something better will happen because of it.

Remember the butterfly.

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