Who knew there could be such drama around the common butter dish? My husband has been having trouble lifting the butter dish lid for quite a while now. Apparently after enough years our fingerprints no longer provide the friction needed to hang on to slick surfaces.

I took my Dremel to the cover and did my best to rough up the surface but that didn’t help much. What it needed was a handle.

When I joined the Clay Club, I knew one of my first projects was going to be a butter dish with a large, sturdy handle on the lid.


Butter Dish – first try

The first one (yes there has been more than one, and more to come) started out great. Then I broke the handle before it was fired. I made a repair that looked good and made it through the first firing. I had hope. I glazed it and sent it to the kiln for the final firing. When it came out of the kiln it looked great, except for the tumbled ruins of the once proud handle.

Actually, I kind of like the way it looks, but it doesn’t work for Armand.

I took it home and put it into service because even with the broken handle it was a better butter dish than the one we’d been using.

But, I still need a butter dish that Armand can take the lid off of. So, back to the Clay Club to start Butter Dish 2.0


Butter Dish 2.0

This one came out perfect in every way except one … it’s too small. The lid is too shallow so it sits on top of the stick of butter. It has a great handle though.

Next week I will begin work on Butter Dish 3.0

Anyone have suggestions for other uses for Butter Dish 2.0? I’ll have a prize for the best, most creative idea.