I was just introduced to the concept of kanreki. It’s a Japanese tradition of celebrating a person’s 60th year.  Learn more here.

What I love about the idea is that, in this tradition, the 60th birthday marks the beginning of a person’s second childhood. I’m a few years past celebrating my kanreki but I am firmly entrenched in my second (maybe 3rd or 4th) childhood.

These celebrations of longevity also occur at ages 70, 77, 88, 90, 97, 99, and every year from 100 on.   Each one has a color, a theme, and gift suggestions. That makes planning a party so much easier.

I like this idea so much I’m going to create special celebrations to mark the birthdays for Bodacious Bad-ass Old Broads. For example, wouldn’t it be great to know that on your 65th birthday (or for that whole year) the celebration theme would be something like … freedom? The color would be say…flamingo pink, and gifts should be soft and round.

I would love to hear your suggestions. Pick years that you think need special acknowledgment, assign a theme, color, and gift parameters.  Be imaginative, outrageous, creative – this is about celebration after all. Think of the party you’d love to attend. Please post your ideas here in the comments or email me

I’ll post the best ideas and give credit when the celebration calendar is published.

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